by Steve Benjamin. Photos by Shimon-Craig Van Collie and Barry Pickthall (PPL). Illustrations by Mark Smith. Reprinted from Yacht Racing/Cruising, 1981.

Reprinted with the following permissions:
  • Yacht Racing/Cruising,
    now Sailing World magazine.
  • author Steve Benjamin.
    Steve is now president of Banks Sails USA
    and can be reached at 888-GOBANKS
    and / or
  • Photographer Shimon-Craig Van Collie.
  • Photographer Barry Pickthall (PPL).
  • Illustrator Mark Smith.
Thank you to the all the above for letting us reprint this article.
Page images of the 1981 Steve Benjamin "FROM THE EXPERTS 505" article in Yacht Racing/Cruising.


Ali's Notes: Thanks to Paul Muus for scanning his 1981 copy of Yacht Racing/Cruising.

The photos and illustrations are of "Grace", Linday 6933?, which Benj and Tucker raced in the 1980 and 1981 World Championships. Grace was sold after the 1981 World Championship to the UK, where it is still racing today (2000). Benj and Tucker raced a Parker 505 at the 1982 World Championship. Every US boat at the 1982 Worlds that can be seen in the Worlds video IS STILL RACING TODAY (2000).

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