It has recently been discovered that there have been different interpretations between Class Measurers of how the transom template should be applied under the Class Rules.  Both interpretations were put to ISAF, who have ruled that the template is to be applied with the 3.75mm tabs wholly below the profile of the boat’s transom when the hull is upside down.


Investigations by the Class Chief Measurer have revealed that the boats of two builders have transoms that fall outside the maximum permitted distance from the template of 7.5mm when this is applied correctly.  The discrepancy is between  0.5 mm and 3 mm.


In accordance with Class Rule B 4.4, the IEC has granted dispensation for all affected boats already built .


The affected boats are:





AUS 8738

AUS 8755

AUS 8756

AUS 8759

AUS 8760

AUS 8763

AUS 8780

AUS 8781

AUS 8782

AUS 8794

AUS 8804

AUS 8809

SWE 8812

AUS 8813

USA 8814

USA 8822

USA 8823

USA 8824

GBR 8836


AUS 8797

AUS 8798

AUS 8799

AUS 8801

AUS 8811

AUS 8817

USA 8821

USA 8831



No dispensation has been sought or agreed for future boats






R Napier

Chairman – International Rules Committee





Tom Bojland


22 July 2003