Top Ten Gear and Setup at the 1997 SeaLand 505 North American Championship

Sail No."8266""8629"/80"/7771"""
CrewPeter AlarieMike MartinMike MillsBruce HeckmanScott IkleAllan JohnsonBill SmithRich Mondell Bruce TilleyUli Coblenz
SkipperMike ZaniHoward HamlinNick TrotmanJeff MillerTyler MooreAli MellerTim CollinsRobin BrownNick AdamsonDan Thompson
Year Built19811985199619861987198919871979?19921979?
Bag/launcherfwd tck bagslauncherlauncherlauncherlauncherfwd tck bagslauncherlauncherlauncherlauncher
MastProc. DProc. DProc. DProc. DProc. DProc. DProc. DProc. DProc. DProc. D
CBLindsayWateratM&WWateratWateratWateratM&W carbonrobin?Wateratcoblenz?
CB gybe?yyyyyyy
Weight (Crew/Driver)195/148185/158196/160Br?/Je?175/165195/158185/145robin?195/165dan/uli?
Adjustable Rake?/Tension?y/yy/yy/yy/yy/yy/yy/yy/yy/yy/y
Outboard Leads?yyyyyy????
Pole launcher?N, trolleyYY?YNYyuli?
Mainsheettrnsm bridletrnsm bridletrnsm bridletrnsm bridletrnsm bridletrnsm bridle????????????
Shroud houndslow???????????????????????????
Spreader Height124"8266?8610?7875?124"124"????????????
Spreader Len./Defl.731882668610787516.75/4.7517"/4.625"????????????
Std. rake????25' 8"25' 8"????????????
CB pin to stern?8' 4"?8' 4"8' 4"8' 6"8060?7039?8' 4"?


U=Ullman sails
N=North sails

Ullman/Danger tuning sheet measures rake at low rig tension.... 25' 8" rake measurement is done at about 200 pounds, while North tuning sheet has 25' 8" rake measurement done at 550 pounds. The tension differences probably represent over an inch of rake difference.

Standard Waterat bag boat CB pin location is 8' 6" while launcher boat pin location is 8' 6".. Almost all Waterats use standard locations.

Lindsay and Waterat foils gybe about 2.6 - 2.9 degrees, and are close in planform, but not identical. Trotman/Mills use a a CB that is cut away for a narrower chord where it comes out of the CB trunk. Collins/Smith use a longer chord design.

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