1998 5o5 Belgian Fixture List

Being a bit of a struggling class in Belgium, we'd greatly appreciate if International competitors could join us for the races I marked w/ asterisks.

If anyone would be interested to come over, let me know and I'll send a map/accomodation list/ whatever necessary.

Februari 22 VVW Hofstade Nat. regatta
March 14-15 VVW Hofstade Challenge Marcel Buffet
March 22VVW HofstadeNat. regatta
April 5WVD Hombeek505,490,470, BOSS, BUZZ
April 19VVW BroechemNat. regatta
*****May 1-3NSYC Ostend (North Sea)Sailing for Ostend*****
May 30-31RYCB KattendijkdokPortival
June 14VVW HofstadeNat. regatta
June 20-21KLYC OosterscheldeSn/490/505 Roompot
*****June 26-28WSKLum Nieuwpoort (North Sea)Europacup****
July 19VVW Hofstade/HoYCNat. regatta
August 16KYC Koksijde (North Sea)4 hrs race
September 6HoYC HofstadeNat. regatta
*****September 26-27SNEH Plate TailleOpen Belgian Nationals*****
October 11NWV NieuwdonkNat. regatta
October 25VVW GalgenweelNat. regatta
November 8VVW HostadeNat. regatta

See you,

Chris (BEL 8536)
Lehouck Chris

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