International 505 Class - Rules and Measurement Circular

2 July 1998

To: All National Secretaries of the International 505 Class
cc: 505 Forum

  1. Window material
    The International Rules Committee has ruled that the following material is acceptable for making the transparent panel in the 505 headsail for the purpose of Class Rule B-8.3.8: Materials with equivalent optical properties will also be accepted. For avoidance of doubt, it is suggested that sailmakers submit samples to the IRC for approval.
  2. Measurement at Hyannis (NA Championship and World Championship 1998)
    Friday 18th September is scheduled for Hyannis Worlds check measurement. However, the intention is to undertake some Worlds check measurement on earlier days. The International Measurer, Don O’Donnell, expects to be at Hyannis from Saturday 12th September onwards:
    1. to set up and supervise the Worlds check measurement;
    2. to undertake Class measurement of boats and sails (including reweighing of boats in accordance with Class Rule B-5.8); and
    3. to assist policing the compliance with the rules during racing, and to undertake spot checks. With the opportunity given by (b), it should be possible for everyone to comply fully with the class rules as regards measurement and certification (see also ‘Reminders’ below). Note that any measurement undertaken under (b) is under a private arrangement between owner and the measurer; a normal measurement fee will be chargeable, at Don's discretion.
    4. Reminders for those going to Hyannis:
      • The owner, helmsman and crew must be members of the International Association.
      • All boats must have been measured and have valid measurement certificates. All boats must of course always race with the registered correctors in place. Class Rule B-5.8 will apply for any reweighing and adjustment of the corrector weight.
      • All sails presented for Worlds check measurement must have been measured and stamped by a class measurer. (Previous Regatta measurement is not sufficient.)
      • Mainsail check measurement of half and three-quarter height width will be undertaken by the method used at Gilleleje, i.e. using the luff measurement points at 3238 mm and 1619 mm from the head respectively. (A full explanation was given in the circular to National Secretaries dated 13th July 1997, “Mainsail Measuring”.)
      • Personal buoyancy having a minimum buoyancy of 4.5 kg, a compass, and a towing line not less than 10 metres in length nor less than 6 mm in diameter will be required. Check that your personal buoyancy is adequate now!

    Please circulate this to your members and sailmakers and measurers

    Happy sailing

    Rob Napier - Chairman, International Rules Committee

    The Coach House Kingsbury Street Marlborough SN8 1HU UK.
    Tel/Fax: +44 (0)1672 512333

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