Hyde Sails Ltd

  505 Tuning data

Mainsail Code 2L on Proctor D

Spreader length 17
Spreader deflection 6 1/4 for heavy weights or up to 8 for light weights
Spreader bracket height 101
Hounds position Just above spin sheave box, standard on Proctor masts.
Rig Tension Max 250lbs on jib luff,
Leeward shroud can be slack when sailing to windward in breeze.
Mast rake Light; 254 From mast tip to transom
medium; 25 floor.
Heavy 24 8
As much as you can -use the flattener.
Strut Hold mast at pre-bend resulting from spreader settings. Pull on as mast rake is applied.
Jib tracks Aim to have tell-tale on leech of jib just flying. On Kyrwood keep barber haulers well down and in line with side tank
. Move outwards only after 15 knots.
On Rondar use vertical barbers to control jib leech.

These figures are given as guide lines and should be used as a starting point for your boat. Individual boats will all ways have minor differences, therefore these measurements and tips should not be treated as hard and fast rules.