Summary of Rule Changes


This document is a summary of changes that have taken place to the Class Rules since 1998.  Various minor consequential grammatical changes or cross references that have been made are not listed in this summary.  The definitive version of the Rules is available from the International Secretary.




Effective From 1 March 2003 - Approved at 2002 AGM in Fremantle, and by Ballot in 2003


delete the following:

5.6.1     The internal dimensions of the centreboard case shall conform to the tolerances specified in the Measurement Diagram.


5.6.2     A thwart shall connect the top of the centreboard case to the inner faces of the seat-tanks. It shall not be more than 153mm wide and its after edge shall lie between 1375mm and 2591mm from Station 11.


5.6.3     Additional thwarts, bridge-decks and sheet horses may be fitted across the hull. The total width of all such additional thwarts etc. shall not exceed 150mm.



replace with the following:

5.6.1     The internal dimensions of the centreboard case shall conform to the tolerances specified in the Measurement Diagram.  No temporary or movable insert in the centreboard case is permitted.


5.6.2     A thwart shall connect the top of the centreboard case to the inner faces of the seat-tanks. It shall not be more than 153mm wide, may be curved or straight, and its after edge shall lie between 1375mm and 2591mm from Station 11.


5.6.3     Additional stiffening or reinforcing members may be fitted across the hull within 3581mm of Station 11.  These members shall not be constructed in such a manner as to form a second cockpit floor or an additional buoyancy chamber.



Effective From 1 January 2002 - Approved at 2001 AGM in Cascais,  and by ballot in 2002


Delete the existing Rule B 14 (Advertising), and replace with:

14 Advertising.

The advertising category to be applied to the Class shall be Category C.  There shall be no restrictions within Category C.

Delete rules C 5.6 and C 5.7.




Effective From 1 October 2001 - Approved at 2000 AGM in Durban,  and by Ballot in 2001



7.2.4      The distance from the upper edge of the deck band to the lower edge of the spinnaker halyard, when at 90° to the mast and extended as necessary, shall be not more than 5955 mm nor less than 5054 mm. No rigidly fixed point for attachment of the block, sheave or fairlead shall be more than 35 mm from the surface of the mast.



8.4.2      The following dimensions shall not be exceeded:

·        Leech length                                                                                 6000mm

·        Foot median (head point to mid foot point)                                    7096mm

·        Foot length                                                                                   4500mm

·        Half width                                                                                     4500mm




Effective From 1 January 2001 - Approved at 1999 AGM in Quiberon,  and by Ballot in 2000.



Delete previous Class Rule A 7.2 and replace with:


A National Association shall nominate candidates for election in writing.  Such nominations shall be received by the International Secretary not less than one calendar month before the published date of the AGM in the year of election.




Effective 1 January 2000 –

Approved at 1998 AGM and in Postal Ballot in 1999


Changes To Constitution -


Amended previous Rules as follows:


7.0       Officers of the International Association


7.1   The officers, whose terms of office shall commence on 1 January, shall be:

7.1.1    an International President,

an International Vice President,

an International Secretary,

an International Treasurer, who shall reside in the same country as the International Secretary,

a Chairman of the International Rules Committee.

7.1.2    All Officers shall be elected for a term of two years.  The President and Vice President shall be elected in years of even  number, the remaining officers in years of odd number.



7.5   An Auditor shall be appointed by the Association at each Annual General Meeting and shall audit the annual accounts of the Association.  The International Treasurer shall complete the draft accounts and arrange for these to be forwarded to the Auditor as soon as possible after the end of each year, together with any records and  receipts requested by the Auditor  On completion of the Audit the International Secretary  shall immediately send copies to all Members of the IGC and the National Secretaries. The Treasurer shall arrange for presentation of the audited accounts to the next Annual General Meeting of the International Association.




9.0       International Committees

9.1   International Governing Committee ('IGC")

9.1.1    This Committee shall consist of the International Officers and a representative of each National Association.


9.2   International Executive Committee ("IEC”);

9.2.1    This committee shall consist of the five Officers elected or appointed in accordance with Rule 7.

9.2.2    Under delegated Authority from the IGC the IEC shall be responsible for the  management of the International Office, the issue of sail numbers and the registration of boats.

9.2.3    Meetings shall be held upon giving of not less than seven days notice in writing.

9.2.4    The Committee may delegate its powers to any one or more of its members, or co opt any other Member..


9.3   International Rules Sub Committee (“IRC”)

9.3.1    This Sub Committee shall consist of the Chairman elected or appointed under Rule 7.1.3 and four other Members  whose appointment shall be confirmed by the IGC




Insert additional Rule:

11.3 No ballot may be held within three years of a previous ballot on the same or a substantially  similar proposal



Amend existing Rule:

14.3.2  The amount of any change in the annual subscription shall be determined by IEC and ratified by Members at the Annual General Meeting.





Changes to Measurement Rules -


Rule 8.1.1 to be deleted and replaced with:

8.1.1    Sails shall be made and measured in accordance with the ISAF Equipment Rules of Sailing and comply with their requirements. In the event of conflict with these Class Rules, the Class Rules shall prevail.


Rule 8.1.5 to be deleted and replaced with:

8.1.5    Sail reinforcement is not restricted.




Rule 8.2.2 to be deleted and replaced with:

8.2.2    The luff and the foot of the mainsail shall be secured to the mast and boom respectively over at least 80 per cent of their lengths.


Rule 8.2.3 to be deleted and replaced with:

8.2.3    The following dimensions, including boltropes where fitted, shall not be exceeded:

·        Top width                                                                         127mm

·        Width at upper leech point 325mm from head point           270mm

·        Three-quarter width                                                          1120mm

·        Half width                                                                         1950mm

·        Leech length                                                                     6960mm  




Rule 8.3.1 to be deleted and replaced with:

8.3.1    The headsail shall conform with the official rules and diagrams, except that a sail smaller in any dimension is allowed.


Rule 8.3.2 to be deleted and replaced with:

8.3.2    The leech from the aft head point to the clew point shall be a straight line or concave curve.


Rule 8.3.3 to be deleted and replaced with:

8.3.3    The following dimensions shall not be exceeded:

·        Luff length                                                    4510mm

·        Foot length                                                  2287mm

·        Leech length                                                4000mm

·        Top width                                                    40mm




Rules 8.4.2 and 8.4.3 to be deleted and replaced with:

8.4.2    The following dimensions shall not be exceeded:

·        Leech length                                                                       5000mm

·        Foot median (head point to mid foot point)                          6096mm

·        Foot length                                                                         4500mm

·         Quarter width                                                                     4500mm


8.4.3    The half width shall be not less than 75% of the greater of the foot length and the quarter width.


Corresponding changes to be made to the “Instructions to Measurers”



Change to The Championship Rules -


Delete existing 5.7 and replace with following:


5.7   A yacht which displays a Category B advertisement shall pay an additional fee of £100 (One hundred pounds sterling), such sum being subject to annual review by the IEC.  The Organising Authority  shall retain half of the additional fee collected under this rule and allocate it to the Championship budget for the general benefit of all competitors.  It shall forward the balance of the fee to the International Office.







Effective From 1 January 1999 – approved at 1998 AGM in Hyannis, USA


Change to The Championship Rules -


Replaced previous Rules 4.2 & 4.3

4.2   Championships shall be open to all eligible competitors, subject to the Organising Authority having the right to determine the maximum number of entries.  If the Organising Authority wishes to stipulate a maximum number of entries, this must be stated when it makes its initial application and be included in the Notice of Race.  In the event of a maximum number being stipulated, places shall be allocated in accordance with the procedure in Rule 4.3.


4.3   Entries will be allocated by the IEC to each National Association in accordance with the ratio of the average number of Member’s subscriptions paid by that Association for the two years preceding the Championship to the average total Membership of the International Association over the same period..  Individual Members representing in good faith any nation which does not have a National Association may be allocated an entry at the discretion of the IEC, not exceeding one entry per nation.  In determining the number of places for allocation, one entry shall be reserved for each International Officer, subject to the payment of the prescribed entry fee.


4.4   Any entries allocated to a National Association but not taken up three months before the start of the Championship may  be reallocated by the Organising Authority in conjunction with the IEC.  The reallocation shall have regard to all Members who wish to enter and , as far as possible, shall be made proportionately to the original allocation.


Rule Changes 1997