Trapeze T Hook Alternatives

Many teams are experimenting with high trapeze wires to help keep the upper mast straight under loads from the high spinnaker halyard. While the Team Pegasus system, trap twings and the "Hank Yank" system have all been tried, they all require trapeze "wires" (typically 7/64 spectra or 1/8 vectran) to be attached to the mast. But the vast majority of racing 505s are now using Dyneema/Spectra or Vectran for trap "wires".

Back when we first started using Spectra or Vectran trapeze wires about 1995, Larry Tuttle asked Svensons to make a modified shrould T hook with a welded-on stainless steel loop (this may have been at my request, so I feel I can claim some credit for this fitting). This fitting is now available from a number of retail sources (part number SM18). It works very well if you want your trapeze "wire" attached to the mast at the same place the shrould is.

If you want the trap "wires" to attach elsewhere, you have to mount them.

There is a T-Ball Bail 1/16" to 1/8" fitting that will work (part N74303), but it looks like it is sized for runners on a 40 footer and is heavy and overkill for a trapeze wire, but will work.

I just saw a Holt Allen fitting HA6180, that is smaller and lighter and should work fine. They are also a little cheaper than the N74305 fitting.

Finally, Lin Robson had some way cool fittings made up in St. Petersburg. These are the smallest and lightest, but being custom-made, are the most expensive.

All three of these fittings mount to the mast just like a shrould or forestay, with a T-hook fitting going into a slot in the mast with a stainless backing plate mounted with two rivets.

Of course you do not have to use T hook fittings. You could mount to an eyestrap or some other fitting if you prefer.

Alexander "Ali" Meller
505s 7200, 8776, 7080