Notice is hereby given that the 2004 Annual General Meeting of the Association will be held on Monday 16 August 2004 at Santa Cruz Yacht Club, 244 Fourth Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95062, USA

The meeting will start at 09.00 hrs ( Race 3 scheduled to start at 13.00 hours)


1. Approval of Minutes of 2003 AGM (previously circulated to National Association Secretaries and posted on Website since September 2003)

2. President's Report (Tom Bojland)

3. Secretary's Report (Chris Thorne)

4. Treasurer's Report (Stephen Burwood)

5. Appointment of Auditor

6. Report from International Rules Committee (Rob Napier)

7. Election of:

International President:

current office holder: Tom Bojland (DEN)

International Vice President:

current office holder: Jean-Baptiste Dupont (FRA)

The current office holders have indicated their willingness to stand for a further term. Nominations must be made in accordance with Rule A 7.2.

8. Any proposed rule changes made in accordance with Rule A.11, A.12 and A.13

9. World Championships 2005 (update from German Association)

10. World Championships 2006 (to receive a detailed application from United Kingdom and French Associations and ratify decision made at 2003 AGM)

11. World Championships 2007 to receive initial proposals and provisionally decide venue. Proposal received from Australian Association attached

Close of meeting.


C G Thorne - International Secretary 1 July 2004

There will follow an informal open forum for general discussion.