North Sails Australia
505 Tuning Sheet

This was re-keyed from a North Sails (Australia) Pty. Ltd. Tuning Sheet that had been faxed to North Sails St. Petersburg. I hope I interpreted the figures on the second or third generation fax correctly....Sorry, I was unable to decipher the original address, telephone number and fax number.
Mast Step
3.090 from outside tansom at top pintal to aft mast step pin.
Mast Gate
This measurement is just a reference for the mast as it appears through the mast gate. the mast will ist on the front of this reference point. Do not let the mast move aft of this position as it may lead to mast inversion. The best solution to stop this is to have something solid behind the mast in the gate like chocks etc. 3.055 is measured from the upper outside transom at top pintal position on the hull.
Mast Rake
Hoist main halyard with tape measure attached to bearing point of shackle on the halyard. Fix in the halyard lock position and swing the tape measure to the centre of the transom at the top pintal position. 7.4?0 is the rake measurement with the sidestays attached by swinging of the trapeze wire, the rig tension applied by this method is about 70kgs on the trapeze wire pulling directly down where the chainplate is located.
Spreader length is .480m from centre (front) of the mast to centre of wire passing through the spreader.

Spreader angle measured from a straight edge being placed between both stay wires and measuring from mast (not including sail track) to straight edge for a distance of .150m (150 kg -- 160 kg) and .130m (165-170kg) and .110m (180kg plus).

Rigging Takeoff Points
From the gate black band:

For any further information please contact Craig Phillips at our Sydney loft.