Classic 505s and Classic Division

The International 505 Class is now over 45 years old. Well built 505s last a very long time, many older 505s are still in use, and some are racing regularly. The fully cored, epoxy layup boats that were built starting in 1977 were stronger and stiffer than their predecessors - many of these "super boats" are still world class boats at 21 years of age! Though they are not competitive at a World Championship level, many of the boats built prior to 1977 (and many built afterwards that were not fully cored epoxy construction) are still in excellent condition and probably represent the best combination of high performance and low cost available on the planet. You can buy a ready-to-race mid 70's 505 with sails and trailer for $500 - $1500, and blow away almost anything on the water.

To encourage these boats to come out and race, the American Section is encouraging a "Classic Division" at major events. Classic Division consists of boats with hull numbers lower than 6500, but excludes Parker-hulled Lindsays, some of which have hull numbers below 6500. The idea is to encourage racing between Classic Division 505s. Classic Division 505 racing is intended to be a little more low key, races should not be sailed in over 20 knots. Sailors are encouraged to race with their spouses and kids. You do not need new sails, a great centerboard and a world class crew to be competitive in Classic Division.

Go ahead and upgrade your boat if you would like, part of owning and racing a 505 is the enjoyment of trying new control system ideas and making the boat better. Classic division is not intended to encourage owners to keep their boats exactly as they were when new. Rather it is to encourage those with older 505s to fix them up and race them.

To assist Classic Division sailors - many of whom are new to the class - organizers are encouraged to provide appropriate prizes for Classic Division. Coupons for $ off a new centerboard or a new jib or a new spinnaker, some fittings, etc. 505 sailors are encouraged to assist Classic Division sailors in fixing their boats, upgrading control systems, tuning and boathandling.