Photos of the 1997 East Coast Championship at Hampton Yacht Club

Updated November 19, 1997

East Coast Championship Regatta Report

More pictures of the 1997 East Coast Championship

Jonathan Phillips/Monty Schumpert, upwind tuning before the start of Sunday's first race (Race 6).

Before the start of Sunday's first race.

Perennial US Albacore National champion Barney Harris driving, with 505 Class American Section Secretary/Treasurer Jesse Falsone (on the wire) gating first in Race 6, in Barney's new Waterat. Images of the gate start are taken from the stern of the gate launch.

Ken Elliott/Mark Wheeler gating early in Race 6, in 5o5 Lindsay 7092.

Tom Price gating. Tom is racing the epoxy Rondar 505 he bought in the UK earlier this year.

College sailor of the year Tyler Moore (driving)/Scott Ikle (sailing coach at Hobart Willima Smith) gating in Tyler's new Waterat.

470 North American champion Tim Collins (driving)/Bill Smith (on the wire) gating. Looks like a lot of twist in the mainsail.

College sailor of the year 1995, Ryan Cox (driving)/Carl Smit (crewing) in Ryan's new Waterat, going upwind.

Part of the fleet in the distance on the second reach.

Nelson/Mendelblatt (leeward) and Collins/Smith (windward) reaching into the leeward mark, with an earlier rounder going upwind (Amthor/Amthor?)

Unkown team on 2nd reach.

The fleet approaching the 2nd leeward mark at the bottom of the run.

The first place team is around with the next few teams close behind.

More teams rounding... Harris/Falsone (8643) are gybing at the mark, with Nelson/Mendelblatt (sailing with an experimental North main numbered 8) close behind.

More teams rounding... 7771 is Collins/Smith. They are actually 8060, but were using a mainsail from Mike Martin's 7771.

Unkown team shortly after rounding the mark.

Waiting for the last race to start.

Between races.

Between races.

Between races.

Manouvering before the start. Hugh Morrin (driving) and Michael Hoffman (crew and owner) approaching to gate early in Lindsay 8442. Photo taken from the stern of the gate launch.

More manouvering before the start.

Manouvering before the start.

Looking for a good place to line up for the gate start.

Getting close to the start..

The rabbit - Macy Nelson/Mark Mendelblatt - is on its way close hauled on port. Photo taken from the gate launch. Note the orange ball mark in the water marking the point where the rabbit must start its run. The rabbit sails past the ball, close hauled on port approximately 20 seconds before the starting signal. Rob Robinson in 7569 looks early/high, while Amthor/Amthor in 8012 are well positioned to sheet in on a close reach, just cutting around the stern of the gate launch at maximum speed. Note the distance past Amthor/Amthor (8012) that Eliott/Wheeler (7092) have. You always want space to leeward coming out of the gate. It is usually best to hang back and wait, letting the boat below you go through the gate, and then go through the gate yourself at maximum speed, with a big hole to leeward.

Henry (driving) and Doug Amthor (crewing) gate early. They are still reaching, but will harden up as they round the stern of the gate launch.

Elliott/Wheeler (7092) and Moore/Ikle (8629) both caught a little too high are forced to reach around the back of the gate launch. They would both have done better to be further back, so they can approach on a faster close reach and make a smaller turn as they round the gate launch's stern.

The first few boats are through the gate and racing. Photo taken off the transom of the gate launch.

Ryan Cox/Carl Smit gating. Ryan is pulling the main in as he rounds up to close hauled.

The rabbit, Macy Nelson - 8 - has tacked. The boats to the left look like they were a little late at the gate. Those to the right are more or less equidistant to windward as they have all had good starts.

The leaders on the first reach.

The leaders at the gybe mark.

More teams approaching the gybe mark as the leaders leave. Collins/Smith are leading Fowler/Dyson into the mark.

And more teams....

Another team on the first reach approaching the gybe mark.

A bit of a jam up at the gybe mark, during a lull.

Two more teams at the gybe mark (which can be seen under 8351's boom).

Up the second beat.

The second leeward mark rounding, after the run.

A tight pack at the leeward mark.

Jim Englert/Thad Melton with a big lead after the second triangle. This reach was tight, and Englert/Melton doused the kite part way down the reach. The bright yellow/lime spinnaker is Fowler/Dyson who two sail reached high and then hoisted. Meller/Johnson are the all blue spinnaker. Amthor/Amthor are to leeward, not in the photo.

Henry and Doug Amthor uncleat the spinnaker halyard so they can get back up to the rhumb line and Meller/Johnson, who are still carrying down the reach. Collins/Smith are astern. Uncleating the spinnaker halyard will let the kite fly too leeward. This is a good alternative to dousing in a bag boat, when you cannot get up to the mark. Meller/Johnson passed Amthor/Amthor on this leg, gaining distance and gaining room at the leeward mark.

Elliott/Wheeler reach into the mark.

Latane and Robert Montague rounding the mark on a steady plane.

Two sail reaching into the mark.

Tank and cleat detail on one of the 5o5s - this one is a Waterat. A number of controls - more than normal - are lead out to the seat tanks.

Ali Meller (left) and Allan Johnson holding the East Coast Championship trophy. This trophy dates back to 1961, and was just beautifully restored by Hi-Tech Engraving in Hampton.

Detail of Tom Price's new - to him - Rondar, 8351.

More pictures of the 1997 East Coast Championship