Simon J. Lake's Tuning Matrix for Holt Antares Mast

I've been reading Ali's comments at the end to the Pinnell & Bax Tuning matrix on the WWW page. I am using an Holt Antares mast (stiffer sideways than a Proctor D) and Rush sails with good boat speed in windy stuff, Ok some of the rest of the time.

My settings are		0-5kts	5-10kts	10-15kts 15-20kts 22+kts :-

Rake  range 25' +	7.25"	6.75"	6.25"	 5.25"	  25' 4""

Rig tension: - 		High	Med	MedHigh	 V.High

Kicker :-		Low	Med	Med	 High	  High

My Spreaders are set at :- 16 3/8" long, 6 5/16" aft.

I don't have my mast heel or centreboard position handy.

I'm very interested to hear other peoples settings

Simon J Lake
GBR 8494