The 505 Worldwide E-Mail Distribution List

Updated 3rd November, 2007

Michael RENDA from the US fleet created a new 5O5 Worldlist using Google group.
This list replace the former worldlist which is no longer working due to a system crash!
  1. The list is now called ""
  2. you can use the web interface to access previous messages
To join the list, individuals log in to

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If you have Internet e-mail, you can sign up for the 505global e-mail distribution list. The 505 class also has a number of other national, regional and local e-mail lists and listservers. Information on how to subscribe to many of them is also included here. For the 505Global list go to

How to Send a Message to the 505Global listserver

To post a message to the 505 E-mail list send the following:


Subject:  your choice

Message goes here.

505Global Listserver Guidelines


We encourage the newcomers to ask questions..... the 505global list allows everyone, regardless of where they are located, to be a part of the "505 family". Any 505 sailor should be able to ask a question of the 505Global..

We encourage postings of 505 race notices and general news pertinent to the 505 class.

Postings of 505 equipment wanted or for sale may be appropriate. There are also lists of equipment and boats for sail on the various 505 Web sites. Be aware of shipping constraints and costs from some other continent in what you are selling or asking for. You may want to mark the begining of your message as (for example) "UK interest only" so that folks can delete the mail without reading it if they want to.

A posting can take as long as 2 hours to appear on the list after the time you actually send it to the list. Be patient. DO NOT SEND IT AGAIN. Contact the list administrator.

Please consider the volumes of email you are creating... for example, think several times before sending several messages on the same day to the 505Global. Please think before clicking the "send" button... Email messages are easy to send and easy to misinterpret. Topics of a personal matter, such as when you are in or out of town, or whether or not you or someone else is attending a regatta, are not normally of general interest to several hundred other 505 sailors. If you want to reach someone specific on the list, and do not have their email address, ask the listserver for it. The "who" command sent to will give anyone who is already on the list a return email listing everyone who is on the list.

The 505Global list gives you capabilities analagous to standing on a stage with a microphone and amplifier with 500+ people listening. Be polite. Please do not use the 505Global list to insult, libel, harras, etc. Be nice (like your mother told you to be). A committee of the 505 Class Executive is prepared to take action when an individuals postings are deemed harmful to the class and to others use of the listserver.

Postings of material not related to the 505 Class is STRONGLY discouraged.
Chain e-mails, send a postcard to dying kids, free trips to Disneyland, etc. are NOT 505 Related!

Postings from email addresses not already subscribed to the list will be automatically rejected (this is the largest part of how we reject spam).

The 505 email list is managed by a piece of software from Google. It enables automatic subscription and unsubscription from the list,

Jean-Baptiste DUPONT
505Global Listserver administrator

How to Get Help

If you have any problems with this, please send an e-mail (include your name and Internet e-mail id) to Jean-Baptiste DUPONT

There are over 500 people - 505 owners and others interested in the 505 - on the 505Global list. Regatta reports, boat repair questions, and various other topics are discussed. Sometimes there are no messages for a week, other times there are several in one day.

It is a great way to find out what is going on, via e-mail.

Other 505 Class Listservers

Please see country websites for updated information in this matter.