How to Get a Measurement Certificate for Your 505

With a number of newcomers to the International 505 Class American Section having bought older 505s with missing measurement certificates, and the need for measurement certificates to race in the Hyannis World Championship in September, an article on how to get a measurement certificate seemed appropriate
If you are planning on attending the North American Championships and the Worlds in Hyannis you will be required to have a measurement certificate for your boat. If you can not find it, or never received one, contact Waterat Sailing Equipment. They will find out if the boat was measured, and if it was they can get a new certificate from the International association. The cost of a new certificate is $20.00.

Information needed:

It will take 4-8 weeks for mailing and the usual delays at every point, so do not put this off or you will be spending more money and goodwill for the rush.

If the boat has not been measured, or it cannot be established that it was measured, contact your regional coordinator and ask about having the boat completely measured. A complete measurement is not trivial, so if this is required, you should start working on it immediately. A measurer with templates needs to spend several hours measuring the boat. One of the current measurers is in Northern California near Waterat, so getting the boat there may be a good possibility.

If a measurer has measured the boat and put the measurements on the form, but you have not returned the measurement form, you should send the form to Waterat as soon as possible. They will forward the form to the International Secretary, so a certificate can be issued.

If the boat has not been registered - no hull/sail number has ever been assigned by the International 505 Class Yacht Racing Association for that boat - or if you cannot find a number on the hull, contact Larry Tuttle at Waterat.

Larry Tuttle at Waterat can be reached at:
408 462-5745 (tel)
408 462-5357 (fax)

Contact information for Chris Thorne is available on the International Class Officers page.

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