Philippe Jacot crewing Florian "...this boat is a crew's boat..." claims Philippe!

Philippe Jacot is the Swiss Class President. He kindly accepted to share with us his views on the fiveoh and other related matters in the following interview.

How long have you been sailing fiveoh, Philippe?

You crew only, why don't you helm?

The Swiss class used to be real active in the past with fleets in Zurich, Geneva, Neuchâtel; and then only a few (real good) sailors were still sailing, what happened?

Now is the activity getting any better?

As the recently appointed Swiss Class President, what is your plan for the coming seasons?

We all know that you are very involved with Duvoisin boat construction. At the last year Swiss championship in Neuchâtel, you shared with us several new ideas with respect to boat construction, could you summarize what were they?

Who will sail the first "new Duv"?

Will you soon get one of these new boats?

Many young sailors are keen to get in our class, what piece of advice would you give to a newcomer willing to crew well?
Florian started to helm at the age of 18

With respect to our class and boat, how do you see the future and what should be done?

Many thanks for your time, Philippe, and for all what your do for the class. Your views are really exciting and I wish you full success with what you're doing.
See you soon on the water

Interviewed by Jean-Baptiste DUPONT