How to Install and Rig a Mast Ram

From the 505 e-mail list......
Dean Rootsaert of the Alberta Canada 505 fleet asks.....

We, having an older boat (Kyrwood 6498), have grown tired of placing blocks infront and behind the mast to obtain the desired bend in the mast. We are exploring the possibilities of using a mast ram. Which one is the most popular? Any Ideas on how to set up the hardware in the boat? We have a proctor D mast, fairly new.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Dean Rootsaert
CAN 6498
Alberta Fleet

I was impressed with the simplicity of most of the Australian 505s (minimal contorls), and with the wooden mast control blocks on Ian Barker/Dan Cripps 505. Having said that, I have no plans to take my ram off.

I somehow have managed to rig a number of "d" masts in the past couple of years, and now simply order a "mast ram kit" from Waterat.

The kit typically includes:

you also need Since the ram tube will often be under considerable compression, you want the foredeck end (and the bracket it is fastened to) anchored well. The best way to do this.. screws, bolts, support pad or not,... may depend on exactly how the foredeck is built, and how much of a centerline beam you have.

If you decide to purchase the parts from Waterat, ask Larry about the best way to mount the bracket on the foredeck for your boat.

As for the control lines....

The ram up control starts from the upper eye strap on the car, goes around the Harken cheek block bolted to the top of the track (and the neat plastic extension), then down along the mast to a double micro block. Some people lead ram out to each side, I leave it on the CB case. I am also considering doubling the mechanical advantage so I can easily put on major pre-bend in light air (without pulling the vang on hard first).

Ram down starts from the lower eye strap - I forget exactly what blocks are involved, but with significant mechanical advantage, you lead it either to the centerboard cap, or accessible from either side.

Hope this helps....

8263 & 7200

I use 16x1 on the ram down and 8x1 up. This may be over-kill, but I don't like to fight control lines! (and I'm lazy). To get the 16x1 you have to be carefull about block and mast track locations in order to get enough throw in the system.

I take both controls to the tank. I end-up playing the ram-down alot in heavy air (If your one to hike, its very slow to reach into the boat). I also want the ram-up accessible on weather mark roundings to stablize and/or depower the rig for the reach. Likewise I want the ram-up release easily accessible during leeward mark roundings (you can't power-up if the ram is cleated up!)

Kenny Elliott