Spectra Trapeze "wires"

I have been experimenting with spectra trapeze wires for a short while. I was prompted to do this by noticing a boat at the Worlds with spectra trap wires. Apparently many of the I-14s are already doing this. I asked Tris Nelson how he does it. - Ali
Tris....I seem to recall that you used spectra trap "wires". How do you fasten the spectra to the mast?
What you need is modifed Terminal fitting. Procter I think make it, but it is a T Terminal with a stainless steel ring welded to it. That goes into the standard trap wire hole. (We tend to use Terminal ones for obvious reasons. ) Then all you do is tie the spectra to that. I use two round turns and two half hitches, as it causes less wear on the rope than any other knot. I use 3 mm [Ed - brand name deleted] spectra although their quaility leaves a little to be desired sometimes.

So far we have had little problems with it, watch for wear and tear and replace when neccesary. I know some people who take the covers off, we don't because Karen likes the colours! Always take them off when trailing. Oh and expect them to stretch when you first use them about 3-4 inches is common. It is a little unnervering the first time it happens but you get used to it!


In an effort to cut fewer holes and save some weight, I rigged my first set a little differently from what Tris suggests. I had the shrouds made up with a nicopress sleeve just below the terminal swage. This nicopress was then used to nicopress a small loop of wire to the shroud. I tied the spectra to that loop(using a bowline I believe). This takes the trapeze load to the same T terminal as the shroud. We used this system at the Midwinter Championship. Allan Johnson's confidence in this system is slowly increasing, as it has not "let him down" yet!