Xavier Finet, young fleet captain in Lyon and brother Gaetan ... The Class shall make people dream ! recommends Xavier... Xavier is rather new to the class and within no time he and his brother Gaetan resurrected a Fiveoh fleet in the Lyon area after 15 years of no activities. He shares with us how he got hook with our boat and he proceeded to rebuild this fleet who gave to the class one early builder (EDEL) and several champions.

Hello Xavier ! You're one who takes a large part in the revival of the Fiveoh fleet in the Lyon area (France) over the past two years, would you be so kind as to tell us how you got hook to our boat?

How come you started to inventory all existing Fiveohs in your region? Tell us how did you manage to achieve this?
How many boats did you finally inventory and how many are sailing today?
And yourself, how many boats did you fix up until today?
What was the most difficult thing to fix on the boat? And what took the longest?
Xavier Finet's Parker at our first visit in Lyon 2005 What model did you use to fix and rig your boats? Did you share experience among fiveohers of the Lyon area? Or with other fiveohers?
Are all Fiveohs sailing on the same lake in your fleet?
Do you regularly go out training together?
You did take part yourself to some or our regular regatta, can you say a word about this experience?
What motivates young lads like you in our class?
What do you believe the class shall do to better develop the class and better help guys like you creating new fleets in region such as yours?
Are you guys going to send one team to the French National Espoir regatta (for under 25 yold)?
If you would give and advice a young team starting sailing our boat, what would you say?
I'm really impress with the fantastic atmosphere you create each time we come down visiting you and especially the fantastic organization you guys put in place to welcome us. How do you manage this so well?
Thank you so much Xavier for your time and all the superb efforts you are undertaking for our boat and class in order to revive the class in this region.