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Winter Contest Regatta results


Winter Contest Regatta Results (Genoa Italy 7&14 Feb.2010)

For the first time in the history of this winter classic regatta, the 505 Class has been invited to participate to this event organized by Yacht Club Italiano (the most important Club in Italy).

189 boats were racing on the waters in front of Genoa representing Optimist, 420, 470, Laser and 505.


The regatta was held over 2 consecutive Sundays, to facilitate travelling of the participants to the regatta and avoid consuming precious vacation time. Obviously we lefts the boats at the Club for the entire period.



The Italian fleet decided to train on the Saturday, before the regatta, so on Friday the 5th of Feb, I left Milan and drove to Genoa in the middle of a snow storm, I thought that I was totally insane to go racing in the middle of this crazy winter, but on Saturday the sunny skies, the warm temperature and light wind from the south made such trip worthwhile. Sunday 7th , the regatta started under even better weather, the wind was blowing well above 15knots from the north, to switch from the East 8-10 knots in the afternoon. We completed 3 races all under trapeze conditions. Ciferri/Natali dominated the 505 with 3 bullets followed by Loce/Binachi and Manzi/Annese.

The following weekend we met again on Saturday for training, many participants from the other classes were doing the same. The temperature was around 10° under overcast skies. The wind from the south was excellent, well above 15knots probably closer to 20knots, the wave were big (for me fresh water sailor) and we had a great 2 hours section. Sunday, the day of the regatta, the weather changed for the worst. It snowed on the hills and on the mountains surrounding Genoa, the air cooled down around 3-4°, the wind was blasting from the North at over 20 knots, the wavy sea from the day before was flattened. 3 races took place dominated once again by Ciferri/Natali who won the event in front of Loce/Binachi and in front of me who had to borrow a crew from the local Club**. Many teams went for a swim thanks to the strong gusty winds, but the water temperature of the Med sea does not cool down much, so it was much more comfortable than swimming in Lake Garda…

Excellent the Club organization on land and on the water, the starts between races were given without unnecessary delays, which was very appreciated on the last cold day of racing.

In conclusion this was a well run worthwhile event, a great opportunity to race and train in the middle of winter at a Club that has great facilities.

This has been a great opportunity to promote the 505 Class in Italy showing the boat to prospective future 505 sailors. Local tv broadcasted the event, and newspaper wrote articles about the regatta. All 4 Italian racing 505s were present, (since the Palermo Wc we lost the 2 Sicilian boats).

We have been invited to come back next year and it will be very nice if our neighbours will join us next time to show the locals, that the 505 is alive and a real international class.

Marco Giraldi

Resp Int505Italia

(**thanks to the double pole system I was able to race with a crew, that had not been on dinghy in 4 years, without ever blowing a jibe in such strong winds…)

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