Tuesday, July 17, 2018
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TOPIC: 505 Sail Area

505 Sail Area 7 years 9 months ago #323

There are some discrepancies in the specs provided on this website. Considering this is the official website for the International 505, this is a little embarassing.

1) Main & jib sail area:- I realize that sail area is not measured directly, but we should be able to get close. Website has Main + Jib listed as 12.30 m2 + 4.94 m2 = 175 sq.ft. If I add these and do the conversion you get 17.24 m2 = 185.6 sq.ft. I suspect it should be around 14 m2 (Wikipedia.com says 14 m2 (= 150 sq.ft); Rondarboats.com says 13.56 m2)

2) Spinnaker area:- presumably this is really hard to calculate because the the broadseaming. Website says "up to 27 sq. m approximately (220 sq. ft. original size)". Not sure what this means, but suspect 27 m2 is the big kite and 220 sq.ft is the old kite (Wikipedia.com says 26 m2 (280 sq.ft); Rondarboats.com says 23.33 m2)

Does anyone know what the numbers should be?
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Re:505 Sail Area 7 years 9 months ago #324

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I believe that current kites are around 250 ft^2. This is 23.22 m^2. I'm sure a sailmaker could give you more prcise numbers, but kite size also varies depending on it's intended use.
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