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TOPIC: Glaser vs BM vs PB vs North

Glaser vs BM vs PB vs North 7 years 11 months ago #302

In the last three years we've had three different sailmakers win the world championship, which leads me to the conclusion that us 505 sailors have the very difficult decision of choosing between three excellent sailmakers.

I have sailed with both Glaser and North sails. From what I've noticed, the Glaser main is fuller which is great for once the wind picks up and the mast starts bending. The added depth in the sail is helpful for powering through chop and keeps the sail from inverting at the upper wind ranges. This makes sense considering it was developed in the windier conditions of Long Beach, CA.

As for North.... I think the main looked great, especially in lighter air conditions and smoother water. The 3DL is especially sexy. It doesn't seem to have quite as much depth or return on the leach as the Glaser main and might become too flat in windy conditions due to mast bend. This could mean less power when you need it to pound through chop (or that you put a little extra ram on).

What are the differences? Why is one faster than the other? Did BM dominate at the 2010 worlds because of having superior sails or superior sailors? Did Glaser dominate the 2009 worlds because of the sails or because Mike is a heavy weather machine! Why hasn't North been at the top of a World Championship yet?
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Re:Glaser vs BM vs PB vs North 7 years 11 months ago #303

  • JimE
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I think you outlined some of the differences in your post quite well. As to why one wins and another doesn't, there are too many variables to pin it down , the reasons are always multiple reasons, not just one. There isn't any one sail that fits all crew in all conditions. Each of the brands will have their own criteria that they are trying to optimize for.

IMHO the best sail is the one that works. I used to sail the 505 at 320lbs combined. I used danger and north. I always had to take luff curve out of the main to get the main to work for us. It wasn't something they were doing wrong, it was just that I wanted something a little different then what they were designing to.

When someone wins the worlds, it's because of everything.. the boat, mast, rigging, sails, training, talent and that they woke up on the right side of the bed.
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Re:Glaser vs BM vs PB vs North 7 years 11 months ago #305

  • JB.Turney
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Parker - I can speak to the differences between the North and Glaser sails, but there's not too much more to add than what you have noted.

I sailed the 2009 Worlds with the Glaser tehcnora main, the heavier dacron jib, and a 0.75 oz North kite. The Glaser upwind sails are the proven gear for SF conditions and the sailshape they provide is great in the big breeze. The obvious trouble with these sails is in much lighter wind. I talked with Jay about this a bit at the 2009 Midwinters. In under 6-7kts or so, you have to use a lot of rig tension to bend the mast and open the leach of the sail. This leaves you with a tight headstay and a narrow groove in which to drive the boat. It seems to me the fix for this is a double spreader rig as Mike Holt and Tyler Moore have sailed with. The upper spreaders allow you to bend the mast up top and open the leach without cranking on the shrouds. I am generally a big fan of the North kite, but I found it too powerful on the reaches in San Francisco.

This winter, Lin and Ethan had a new version of the North main in dacron that Ned and I sailed with while practicing in Tampa. They had tweaked their existing design to perform better in higher winds. We sailed with it in 15kts and found that the luff-curve matched the mast bend well. I also found that it still retained the user-friendly characteristics of the earlier North mains. I believe a number of people used this sail at the Midwinters. I ended up buying this sail in 3DL and used it at the NA's as I believe you and Doug did. Ned and I had not sailed with the main for more than a few hours before racing began. We found it to be very easy to use in the light conditions. We were able to sail with a soft headstay which was great in the chop and we still had plenty of twist in the leach. We had a breakdown on the last day of the regatta that prevented us from getting the rig set up correctly for the big breeze. So I cannot add much on the performance and shape of the sail in higher winds. We used the same North kite at this regatta in a slightly heaveier cloth which we found just fine even in lighter winds.
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