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TOPIC: Hull 5973

Hull 5973 8 years 8 months ago #214

I am restoring hull #5973. I was told that it came from Europe. The stamp on the back reads (J LEO 5973 1176). Can anyone verify if this is how I identify the maker, hull number, and year built? I am trying to define the lineage and any help would greatly be appreciated. Also if there is another captain with a hull number close to 5973 I would very much like to exchange any information you may have about the construction of your vessel.
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Re:Hull 5973 8 years 8 months ago #223

Post some pictures and we will be able to tell you. I've never seem a plate with 2 numbers but if 5973 is the hull number (unlikely to be 1176) it will be a 1977 or 78 vintage. If I was placing bets without seing pictures I would go Parker, Rondar, Kirwood, self built in that order.

Good luck with the restoration.

(formerly Parker 5990 so prety close vintage wise)
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Re:Hull 5973 8 years 7 months ago #226

Thank you for the reply Tom. My Hull is actually #5973 and it is also a Parker. So I'm guessing the 1173 was the year built. I know it was made in Europe because the trailer has all metric fittings as well as all the fastening hardware on the boat and a alot of the rigging is also european. The re-build is going very well. She's turning into a really stiff hull again. It's going to be a blank canvas again for rigging as I have filled all the previous holes and hardware fittings. So if you have any advice about how they were rigged when first new I would sure appreciate it. I hope the pictures come through okay. Thanks again Tom.

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Re:Hull 5973 8 years 7 months ago #227


If you have a clean slate then rig a modern boat. The only catch is to make sure you can't put as much load on the hull as the new modern tuning tables do. A couple hundred pounds tension max. The old 505 website has lots of great rebuild/upgrades

info :

To me the key upgrades from that era (if still vintage) will be adjustable shrouds/forestay and adjustable mast ram. I did both on 5990 using info from the site and it was quite useful. All the other bassic controls would already be in use at that time. The best source for the basic layout is still on the German 505 website:

Also hook up with local sailors as seeing the different layouts of boats live is much more usefull then the pictures and diagrams.

Good luck

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Re:Hull 5973 7 years 7 months ago #338

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I am rebuilding a Parker 5187 built in 1972, see, there are some pictures and a video of the boat for you to take a look at. It is nearly complete.
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