Friday, February 23, 2018
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TOPIC: Spinnaker numbers are back!

Spinnaker numbers are back! 7 years 8 months ago #274

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After the class decided that we did not need spinnaker numbers we communicated this to the ISAF as we are an international class and they told us we have to keep them, see details on the front page. This has caused some comment on email that I will include here anonymously as I do not have the authors permission to quote them but I think that there are good points made.

> Gentlemen
> the issue of spinnaker number elimination is small change to the
> rules, we all have number on spinnakers and that has worked well for
> us for many years. So we can all live very well without eliminating
> the numbers.
> BUT we cannot accept such poorly motivated decision.
> If ISAF strongly believes that numbers on spinnakers or similar sails
> are necessary and of great importance, then why 49ers, which is an
> international class and an olympic class can compete at international
> level without them? Why I14 can do the same etc? see enclosed
> pictures. Are these boats clearly identifiable by spectators judges
> etc? Obviously not, but they race without numbers and we cannot!
> So the ISAF motivation for rejecting the Class vote is preposterous at
> best, without any basis, as proven by the existances of many Classes
> without such numbers, and therefore discriminatory against us.
> Unless there is clear and unrefutable evidence, that all the Classes
> that are currently without numbers will be ordered to put them on in a
> very near future, we should not accept such discrimination.
> Therefore I believe we should not accept such Isaf decision and we
> should appeal or have their recomendation rejected (I do not know the
> formal procedure that we must follow).
> It is a question of principles now, not of numbers.

Well put .... but you are right to point out we're stuck with spinnaker
numbers until we can figure out a way ahead. I don't think it would help our
case to ignore ISAF's ruling.

There seems to be a total dsconnect between ISAF thinking for asymetrical
and symetrical spinnakers. We need to find a way to pursue this, I suspect
it's our only leverage.

I don't think our championship course has any relevance in this context, and
in any event 505's sail in many other events with different courses.

From correspondence I have seen , a key view in the Class rules sub
committee was that of the ISAF race management sub committee who gave a
strong recommendation that sail numbers remain due to identification for
race officials and spectators.

The class rule applies to all racing of course, not just championship
courses .

If you wished to pursue this, I would suggest the class lodge a submission
with ISAF for the Nov meeting, and you lobby RMSC members , as it would then
be on their agenda., as well as other committees.
I don`t comment on the merits personally, but i think you will find it
difficult to get a different result
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