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An International Championship will normally be organised by members of the 505 Association in the country where the regatta will be held with input and oversight from the International 505 Association. This group, the Organising Committee will generally work closely with the Venue chosen by the 505 membership at an AGM. The Organising Committee and Venue are responsible for organising and managing the regatta as per Class requirements and as outlined in this document.

The Venue will normally enter into an Agreement with the 505 Association which would stipulate what the Venue will provide and what the venue would charge. This detail should be provided by the venue at the time of bidding or offering to host the regatta. As a minimum, a venue will generally need to provide all the resources to host the boats, competitors, support personnel & equipment both on shore and on water. See Minimum Requirements below.

If the venue has catering or social facilities the Organising Committee will generally also ask for or negotiate pricing for social and presentation functions as well

The venue’s costs and charges for hosting and providing the racing and the social functions is covered by entry fees paid by competitors. Typically, these costs would be covered by about 80[1] boats. When the event attracts a larger number of boats the Organising Committee will generally look to spend the larger budget on more or enhanced social functions, free food and maybe beer for competitors after racing, free merchandise, container or other travel subsidies, subsidising the entry fee for youth or junior sailors, etc.

Other than a venue’s usual sponsors, all sponsorship raised belongs to the 505 Class and how it is allocated will be decided by the International Class Executive in conjunction with local 505 association members.

In addition to charging for the racing and hosting the fleet, a Venue would normally expect to enjoy substantial income from the competitors, friends, family and support personnel using the venue, restaurants, bars and canteens. 505 Sailors do like to eat and drink and generally have a high level of disposable income.

The 505 Class will also likely arrange product and cash from sponsors which it will use to enhance the regatta and encourage more entries.

The 505 International Class will be responsible for an event web site and work with the Organising Committee & Venue to integrate regatta publicity with the Class & Venue’s on-going publicity activities. All official reports, results, photos, videos, etc must be posted on this regatta website. Venues and other third parties can then share information posted on the 505 event website. They should not post event information or reports directly to their own websites.

Note 1: Typically the entry fee from the first 70-80 boats will be required to cover the host venue costs to provide the racing and related onshore facilities (Minimum Requirements), a presentation function and a basic welcome function. For entries in excess of this, the venue will generally charge an additional amount per 10 entries to cover the requirement for one additional safety boat. The rest of the entry fee would be used by the Organising Committee to fund additional items.

  • As an absolute minimum a World championship must include:
    1. A World Championship shall comprise ten scheduled races h