Measurement shall be carried out under the personal supervision of the Championship Chief Measurer who shall be the Class International Measurer (if they are competing) or his nominated deputy. Only the ICA shall be empowered to nominate a deputy to be the Championship Chief Measurer. The Organising Authority shall pay the costs of the Championship Chief Measurer in attending the Championship and of outward and return shipment of his templates and any other equipment.
The Organising Authority shall carry out such measurement as is directed by the International Measurer. As a minimum, all sails and spars shall be checked and all boats shall be weighed. The Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions shall specify that no more than two suits of sails, one set of spars, one centreboard and one rudder may be presented for measurement. The Race Committee may direct further measurement or restrictions subject to the agreement of the IEC.


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ALL competitors must present their boat and equipment to the measurement tent during the times stipulated in the Sailing Instructions to check the sailing weight complies with the Class Rules.


Competitors will be provided with 6 regatta stickers which they must put on equipment they plan to use for the regatta as follows.

  1. One only Mast
  2. One only Boom
  3. One or two spinnaker poles
  4. One only Centre Board
  5. One only Rudder

Competitors may only race in the World Championship with the equipment that has the regatta sticker.


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Sails that competitors plan to use during the World Championship must be stamped with the Regatta Stamp. Two of each sail may be presented for stamping. Only stamped sails may be used during the World Championship. Sails should be presented for stamping during the measurement times stipulated in the Sailing Instructions

By placing the Regatta sticker on an item of equipment or having a sail stamped, competitors are confirming that item of equipment complies with the Class Rules.


Competitors must ensure they have on board at all times

  • A tow line of at least 10 metres in length and 6mm in diameter;
  • A tow eye at the front of the boat to run the tow rope through;
  • A paddle with a minimum blade area of 250mmx125mm and minimum length of 750mm;
  • An approved personal flotation device (to the National Standard or equivalent International Standard) for each crew member and to be worn at all times while afloat.


Substitution of equipment will not be allowed except as provided for in SI 18.2


A boat or its equipment may be inspected at any time for compliance with the Class Rules, NOR and Sailing Instructions.

Boats finishing in predetermined positions in the FIRST race of the day may be selected for measurement checks when they return to the boat park. These finishing positions and the items to be checked will be selected in advance by the Jury.

Boats, or equipment found not to comply with Class Rules, the NOR or the SIs may be penalised or disqualified from the most recent race.

Consequences of a boat or item of equipment found not to comply in a Spot Check.

If a measurement is found to be wrong, it will be referred to the Technical Committee. Where the quantum of the measurement is small and deemed to be non-material, the Competitor will be required to fix the item in question before the next race and there will be no penalty.

Where a required Band of contrasting colour is found to be missing or in the wrong place the Competitor will be required to fix the Band in question before the next race and there will be no penalty. If that Competitor is subsequently found to have that or any other Band wrong (a second offence), the Technical Committee will Protest that boat for a breach of the Class Rules. The Penalty if the Jury find there is a breach of the Rules will be a DSQ in the most recent race.

If an item of Safety Equipment is found to not have been on board during the day’s racing, the Technical Committee will Protest that boat for a breach of the SIs. The Penalty if the Jury find there is a breach of SI (or NOR) will be a 5 point scoring penalty for a first offence and a DSQ in the most recent race for a subsequent offence.

Where a sail used racing is found not to have a Regatta Stamp or a piece of equipment is found not to have the Regatta Sticker, the Technical Committee will Protest that boat for a breach of Class Rules. The Penalty if the Jury find there is a breach of Class Rules will be a disqualification from the last race sailed.


The Technical Committee will be appointed by the International Class Association.


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Prior to the start of each day of racing, the jury will pick 6 finishing positions randomly from a hat for that day. This will include 3 from the top 20 finishes, and 3 from the remaining finishes. These positions will only be known by the jury.

Before the start of the first day of racing the Jury will also randomly allocate one of the following 5 measurements to be checked that day.

  1. Mainsails
  2. Jibs
  3. Spinnakers
  4. Rigs, booms and poles.
  5. Centreboard related measurements (and any other hull related measurements?)

After the completion of the first race of the day the Race Committee will notify the Jury which boats finished the first race in the preselected positions. One of the Jury boats will come back to the launching area before the first boats arrive after the last race of the day. As the boats are coming back to the launching area the jury boat will locate the selected boats and notify them they have to go to the special area selected for spot checking. Another member of the jury will be on shore ensuring these boats are retained at the measuring area and supervise the boats until the measurement checks preselected by them for that day can be carried out. Sailors can take sails down, shower and change but the jury member will ensure boats are not removed from the area or touched in anyway until the spot checks can be carried out.

The Organsiing Committee in conjunction with the Chief Measurer must arrange for a competent measurer each day to supervise spot checks. Where a regatta measurer is available who isn’t sailing, this person would normally carry out this task each day. Where all measurers are sailing it is recommended that a different measurer is available each day so the same person is not inconvenienced more than on one day.

The selected boats will have the item/s measured that correspond to that day. Masts, booms, poles and foils will also be checked to confirm they have stickers on, black bands on masts and booms and all 3 sails will be checked for the regatta stamp. Safety equipment will also be checked.