The 505 Class has a World Championship every year. The venues are decided by a majority vote at the Class AGM held each year at the World Championship event. Normally venues are selected 3 years in advance.

A venue interested in putting forward a proposal to host a World Championship should contact the country 505 Association who will work closely with the venue to present the proposal at a Class AGM. If the venue is in a Country with no established 5o5 fleet please contact the International Association.

A proposal should include as much information as possible but as a minimum cover the venue’s ability to meet the requirements detailed at Event Management and provide an expected cost by completing the Request For Pricing. A National or the International Association is always happy to assist and advise in preparing a proposal to put to members at the AGM. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice or help.

The next World Championships which are already locked in are

  • Bermuda – 2021
  • Cork, Ireland 2022


Are held every two years.

The Class is currently interested in finding a venue for the 2023 Europeans.