Boat Owners are responsible for ensuring their boat complies with the Class Rules.

Your boat should have an official measurement certificate which is issued to confirm the boat has been formally measured by the appointed measurer in your region. The boat owner is then responsible for ensuring the boat is not altered in anyway which would result in non compliance. Boats and equipment will be checked at registration for International events. National bodies should also ensue that boats competing in national regattas have up to date Measurement Certificates and boats comply. Particularly National Championships.


There have been a number of issues with hulls not measuring correctly. This has arisen due to boat builders building boats so close to the allowed tolerances at some stations that the boat, in affect, doesn’t measure properly and requires minor remedial action. Boat owners are responsible for ensuring their boat complies. If you have any doubt please contact your local measurer for advice and assistance.

Click here to download a summary of the areas where particular care is required.

Centre Board Case Inserts.

The Association Technical Committee has issued a Clarification of Rule 5.6.1 which deals with inserts, lifting pins and centreboard gaskets in the centrebard case. The Clarification can be read and downloaded HERE