5.8.1 For certification control, boats shall be weighed in a dry condition after an uninterrupted period of two weeks without having touched water.

5.8.2 The sailing weight of the boat without sails and battens in dry condition (hereafter referred to as ‘sailing weight’) shall not be less than 127.4kg. Fittings and components of exaggerated weight and artificially heavy areas construction are not permitted: examples include use of lead or other heavy metals, except for corrector weights permitted under Rule B-5.8.3.

5.8.3 If the sailing weight is less than 127.4kg, the difference, without limit, shall be made up by metal corrector weights fixed against the centreboard case or spine and visible when viewed from a standing position next to the boat, half between 1100mm and 1500mm and half between 2900mm and 3500mm from Station 11, such corrector weights to be retained for the life of the boat or until the boat is reweighed in accordance with Rule B – 5.8.5.

5.8.4 Each corrector weight shall be hard stamped in a visible place with its weight in kilograms to the nearest 0.1 kilograms and a serial number to identify each corrector weight and the total number of corrector weights used in the boat.

5.8.5 Boats may be reweighed at any time by an approved Measurer providing that immediately prior to re-weighing, the boat has not
touched water for a period of at least two weeks. The sailing weight and the number and weight of corrector weights shall be recorded on the certificate by the Measurer. The corrector weights referred to in Rule B – 5.8.3 may only be removed or reduced at a reweighing commissioned by the Owner under this paragraph and such reweighing may only take place at intervals greater than 12 months.