You need to ensure your boat can sheet the jib correctly for the full range of conditions. The jib sheet lead block (Barber Hauler) needs to be capable of adjustment in & out as well as fore & aft (or up and down which can achieve the same outcome).


You will need a range from inboard to outboard from

450mm to around 750mm

measured from the centre line of the boat. See Photo.


The range depends a little on the overall configuration of the jib set up but typically you need

We need these measurements here.

The sheeting angle needs to move far enough each way so you can achieve the appropriate leach twist at all rake settings and in all conditions.

You will also need some form of calibration marks so you know where the Barber Hauler block is and can replicate it or refer to Tuning Grids.

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The videos below show a typical barber hauler adjustment. In/Out and fore/aft.