On Water Setup and Tuning

What should my sails look like?

BEFORE you even go sailing its important that you have the boat set up and calibrated correctly so you can make the appropriate changes on the water. If you haven’t done that visit ON SHORE  to find out what control range you need and how to calibrate a 5O5

                MAINSAIL SETUP.

Make sure the mast bends to suit the luff round in the mainsail you are using.

If you use a Tuning Grid, you have the same mast and sails and are using the same calibration methodology as stipulated in the Tuning Grid, you should find the mast bends in a manner that suits the mainsail. Someone else has done a lot of the hard work for you. However every boat layout, mast and sail can be slightly different so it is worthwhile checking the Prebend in your boat is correct for the mainsail used.

If you don’t have exactly the same equipment as that used to develop one of the standard Tuning Grids you definitely need to make sure your mast is bending to suit the luff round cut into the sail you are using.

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Mast Prebend and Luff curve in the mainsail should match. Adjust spreaders, shroud bases or mast step location to get the correct prebend amount.