A summary from a sailor’s perspective.

     Day 1: Thursday. Arrive, unpack, marvel. Wow. This is the sailing area? The water looks more like Bermuda and not like on an alpine lake. The weather also feels more like in the Caribbean than at 1000m altitude. The lake is still completely quiet, but the RC promises thermal with stable wind – and so it is.

At 8-13 knots we sail four races with lots of positional pitfalls. World Champion Lutz Stengel with Frank Feller and last year’s winner Hofmann / Brockerhoff deliver in the first race a thrilling duel at the top, with better outcome for the Dusseldorf. Later in the day, Micky Daisenberger and Tobias Bolduan are getting better and better. With the series 3-2-1-2 and clearly superior boat speed, they put increasing pressure on Hofmann / Brockerhoff, who were able to handle the Walchensee conditions best with the series 1-1-2-1. In Lauerstellung are Stückl / Tellen, which had in the series 10-3-3-3 especially one thing in mind: hold the connection to the top.

Of particular note is the performance of the former 470er Brockerhoff / Weidenbach sailors who have been provided with the KV boat for the IDM . With the series 4-10-12-6 they show that they could adjust quickly to the new boat class. In particular, with the speed on the downwind they drove the competitor regularly off.

Day 2: After the pizza and caipis on the eve, it was time to fall asleep. First start is at 12 o’clock. There is not much wind and turning wind, but this is a race that we sail no pony race. The KV boat defends the third place by all means against Hofmann / Brockerhoff, who are fourth in the race before Daisenberger / Bolduan and Stückl / Tellen – a big point for the Dusseldorf in the fight for the crown.

The evening program is the highlight of the perfectly successful event. The cable car takes you up to the Herzogstand. You feel like you are floating above the Walchensee