2019  5O5 Worlds – Fremantle, Australia

“Runners & Riders”   :   “Could Be’s & Might Be’s” 

Pip’s Crystal Ball “Guesstimation” for the 2019  Worlds Results. 

This gets harder every year !  

Having picked 7 of the top 9 boats at Annapolis in 2017 and 8 of the top 11 at Gydnia this year, I guess I’m still qualified to once again make an “Educated Guess” as to possible results for the 2019 “Top Ten. “.

As at time of writing, the “Updated” Entry List is 87.

This is a decrease from the 127 finishers at Gydnia – but to be expected for a Worlds outside Europe. By coincidence it’s the same as the 87 starters we had in Annapolis in 2017. Still time for more, what can Australia deliver?

Scanning through the list of entries it’s quite easy to select 15 to 20 boats capable of winning at least 1 race, but to be on the podium as a winner at the end of the series requires a much greater talent, experience & focus – than just winning a heat.

My “brief” is to select a “Top Ten”.

The summary below is simply selected in order from names as they appear on the Entry List. 

My prediction for finishing positions is at the end of this article.

1        “Sandy” Higgins  / Paul Marsh

Somewhere… someday, there’s a major result emerging here with “Team Aussie”.

With 6 Australian Titles and a total of 5 heat wins in the Worlds in ’07, 11 & 13 also a 2ndin a heat in 2013 and 3 x 2nd’s at the Worlds in 2015, “Sandy & “Marshy” have clearly shown they’re a team to beat on the International race track!

If you could put all their 1st’s  into a single “series” ”Team Sandy & Marshy” would already have been World Champions. One day they will!

Australia is long overdue for a win and “Sandy & Marshy’ might just be