Translated from the German 505 website

Holger, how did you prepare for the World Cup? 

eat, eat, eat …. everything that goes in (go in)! But I can not do more than 92/93. Unfortunately. Stress makes you thinner.

You sail with old master Wolfgang Hunger. How many times did you practice before the World Cup in Kiel?

Unfortunately only 2 weekends before the containers were loaded.

That is not much. Who can not train?

No, therefore now early and most intensive training from 21 to 31 December. We want to train with strong opponents. For example with Pete & Luke Payne, who has 106 kilos.

Luke was a grinder at the Americas Cup in Bermuda. The 106 kilos are definitely not just food. What sport (except food) did you do otherwise? Endurance Power?

I go to the Mucki Bude just around the corner as often as possible. Always 2 laps a 20 devices and before half an hour crosstrainer or bike or rowing machine.

Which sails do you have? 

lots !!!

BM has built a slightly flatter mainsail for the World Cup in Freo. What’s different about the flatter BM mainsail?

Somewhat flatter in the middle and above – but nothing extreme, because it has to fit allround

With such a big one, Quirky and I won the KiWo with best speed in the fleet and in 6 out of 9 races we were first at the Luvtonne.

You sail with GER 8992, the old form. Why not with the new form? 

Because the old form has more volume in the foredeck and that sails easier with a lot of wind and wave. In addition, before the World Cup in Gdynia in 2018, my boys and I worked on the hull for a week, working intensively and refining it. The old form was bulging with time. Not any longer longer. We also completely revised the sword. 8992 is a long way from a “normal” boat of the same age

Did you reinforce special things on the boat to prepare for the multi-wind conditions?

Nah, all boats are tough enough

But I have prepared several masts – are just a little different hard. We all sail the test way and choose the hardest.