1100 hrs and we’re waiting on the shore!

The easterlies are holding us on the shore until the sea breeze begins to develop.

Everyone is camping under the trees around the boat park and cool is the name of the game. The sailors are looking at lighter rig set ups and contemplating the use of “the big spinnaker.”

The sailing began on a westerly course of about 8 to 10 knots and a light day was on offer. PRO Robyn had no mercy and sent them away on a three lap race with the wind shifting into a more traditional sou wester as the boats were halfway up the course. A big help for those who went left but the wall coming towards us had been pipped by the centre boats and the first few boats flew around before the wall arrived. The three laps really spread out the fleet and USA’s Parker Shinn and Eric Anderson showed that they could do it in light winds with Germanys’s Julian Stueckl and Johannes Tellen relishing the light stuff to take second. Michael Quirk and Joel Castle of Australia were a happy third across the line.

The second race was a novelty race with the traditional windward–leeward set aside for a three lap race including the wing mark in the second lap. The PRO did have to ensure that the kite sailors down near the wing mark were off the water, but they were clear by the time for the boats to come through. This time we had a different set of leaders with Jan Saugmann and Marcus Cooper (Denmark and Australia) doing very well thank you, holding the front for most of the race and being there when it mattered. Second was Wolfgang Hunger and Holger Jess of Germany and third were the USA’s Parker Shin and Eric Anderson.

The top of the leader board is an all American affair and we still have Mike Martin (with a pair of fours today) firmly ensconced at the top with a nett of 10 points. Mike Holt and Carl Smit are in second place with a nett 28 and Parker Shinn and Eric Anderson are sitting third with a nett 30. As you might have guessed, the two drops have happened and it bodes well for the seven boats that have bidding rights on the second and third places.

Tomorrow is the last day and while first place is pretty much decided, the racing will be keen for the minors in the fresh breezes promised for tomorrow.

From the water off Fremantle where the Doctor resides.