The weekend after the Euro Cup event in Riva del Garda an International contingent of 505s will be descending on Barcelona in Spain. 

The International 505 Class has announced registration is now open for an Exhibition Regatta at the Barcelona International Sailing Centre, to be held the 7th,8th and 9th June 2019.

 Building on the success the Class has seen throughout the rest of Europe, the International 5O5 Class and the Barcelona International Sailing Centre are hosting this inaugural event to introduce the boat and class to local sailors, as well as provide current 505 sailors with opportunities to compete in Spain. Though the Class not historically being active in Spain, a number of local sailors have expressed interest in racing the popular 505.

Class President Michael Quirk said “We will have a number of opportunities for dinghy crews and helms to try out the boats and even provide boats for any competent Spanish sailors who are interested in competing at the event. We are particularly happy to have a venue such as the Barcelona International Sailing Centre run the event for us because it’s one of the best regatta venue sites I have ever seen”.   

Registrations to date include a number of teams from across European, as well as teams flying in from Australia and the United States.

 The racing kicks off on Friday 7th with many of the boats practicing earlier in the week.

 As the Class looks to grow its presence in Spain, Class leaders are also looking at venues to host future World and European Championships.

More information can be found on the 505 International Class website.

For more information on the Barcelona International Sailing Centre, visit their website at

If you want to ask about or book onsite accommodation at the Venue contact Gustavo. his e-mail is:


Cant make it? If you are in Northern Europe and cant make the trek south there is a also a regatta in Sondeborg, Denmark which will be a great opportunity to check out this venue for the European Championships being held there from 6th -10th August.

Alternatively you can join the Swiss for their National Championship at the Wassersportclub, Obwalden.

OR join the French 5o5s at La Rochelle Week