Day 2 – Race Report

By Eric Anderson

Day 2 started with blue skies and cotton-puff seabreeze clouds but with the wind confusingly coming out of the northeast instead of the west.  A small taste of the westerly filled as the fleet left the docks, but soon it was back to the east.  The Race Committee set the course and fired off the first race of the day, race five of the series.  Every boat seemed to have a hero to zero moment or vice versa as the fleet battled through immense shifts and glassy spots up to the windward mark.  Mike Holt and Carl Smit managed to hold on to their lead around the course, although there was some nail biting action on the last run when the water glassed off and stranded the front pack distressingly far from the last puff of the leg.  Jackson McCoy and Alex Tong ripped in to take second in their Hamlin 5o5 (hull 7095) leaving no doubt in anyone’s mind that the Hamlins still have plenty of life left in them.

After a short postponement to let the seabreeze fill in, the fleet sailed two shifty races in a 7 knot westerly.  Left was the place to be until the right filled for the second beat of race, which didn’t phase current world champions Mike Martin and Adam Lowry or stop them from adding another bullet to their scorecard.  Race 7 of the series was claimed by Parker Shinn and Eric Anderson, which secured them the title of most improved boat of the day, having retired from Race 5 after destroying a spinnaker and