The Canadian Perspective

Day 3 ominously started much like day 1 – cloud cover and faint hope for a classic thermal. The fleet set out anyways in time for the 1130 start in a  very shifty, very puffy easterly. It’s never like this here. After a few failed attempts at getting a race going, with 45 degree shifts wreaking havoc, the fleet managed to get racing, finishing two legs under conditions the race committee wisely deemed too fluky, so the race was abandoned at the first leeward mark.

After a lengthy delay featuring continued light and shifty conditions the wind finally started to settle in a bit and we managed to get thee races off thanks to the heroic efforts of the race committee. The tricky tactical conditions mixed up the race winners a bit, and put a premium on getting good starts and latching into the first big shift, getting buried on the start often left no way out. Wiley veteran and local legend Jeff Boyd managed to figure out the conditions for his first bullet of the series in race one. Another Canadian dream team of Robert Tennant sailing with (honourary Canadian) Steve Bourdow won the second race handily by crossing the fleet soon after the start, before Mike and Adam got back to their winning ways in race 3 as the rabbit. By the third race the breeze was starting to get into the mid teens, and teams that were wire running in the “alternative” mode of having the crew high on the wire and crouched seemed to be able to make gains.

Three decent races after a frustrating morning, a bit of shuffling in the middle of the pecking order, and  one race left tomorrow!