Instead of the Australian Championship which has been cancelled due to travel restrictions, the Australian 5O5 Association is organising a week of Racing and Coaching.

Brighton + Seacliff Yacht Club, Adelaide.

17th -23rd January 2021

More details will follow but this could be the best week of sailing you could ever have.

The  main objective is to provide an opportunity for all attendees to improve their sailing ability. Whatever your current standard.

In addition to racing there will be tuning sessions, help with boat set up, workshops on racing tactics, sail set up steering and crewing techniques, reading the wind and answers to any questions any attendee may have.

There will be coaches on hand and presentations from those who know including top 5o5 helms and crews. You will also get to swap places and sail with the best to get onboard and real time help and advice.

Billeting is available with the local 5o5 guys if you need.


To personalise the event we will be asking all attendees to provide their top 3 questions or objectives they would like to get out of this unique opportunity.

Interested? Email  [email protected]  with your contact details.

Don’t have a boat but would love to attend? Email as well. There is likely to be plenty of opportunity to jump in a boat or even charter one.