The International 5O5 Association is  developing strategies designed to reduce pollution and damage to the World’s oceans. As an International sailing association we are ideally placed to not just make a difference, but influence others. We sail on oceans and lakes the world over and should have a keen interest in stemming the environmental damage that has been occurring.

There are initiatives that are very easy for us to implement and encourage that will make a difference immediately. However our ambition should go beyond the low hanging fruit and develop into regatta management protocols that directly and measurably reduce pollution as well as show leadership and encourage others to focus on the issues and implement their own protocols and improvements as well. The 5O5 Class has built a strong following and family over many decades of being the premier senior 2 person sailing dinghy on coastal and inland waterways today. Sailors and followers come from a diverse background and have the ability to each make small differences ourselves and a much bigger difference through people we can influence. We have seen the exponential arithmetic that drives the Covid 19 spread. That same spread needs to apply to changing attitudes to Ocean pollution.

The first step is being aware of how and where our sport contributes to pollution.


  1. Develop a  Sustainable Practices Policy. This is the policy the class would be happy to implement.
  2. Develop a Plan of how to implement sustainable practices at international events and beyond. There is a an extensive range of resources available to help us. We are starting with:
    • A list of initiatives for immediate implementation at International events.
    • Encourage National Associations not already doing so to also implement these initiates.
    •  Explore resources available to further and continuously develop protocols to be implemented by venues hosting  5O5 regattas and build resources to support venues with effective implementation.
  3. Understand and work out how to fund these activities, including promotion so the message can be shared and raise the profile of the International 5O5 Class.