With only 4 new cases (3 imported) so far this month, the Bermuda Government last night announced the removal of most of the remaining domestic covid restrictions. While quarantine requirements on the non-vaccinated will remain strict, vaccinated arrivals will be able to quickly enjoy Bermuda. Given our current statistics – 62% of the eligible public fully vaccinated, another 10% with their first jab, an average daily new case rate of 4/million, travel warnings from other countries should soon disappear.

The USA is acting like it is completely open. I was in Portland, Maine on the weekend. Every hotel room was booked! Hoteliers were getting premium rates. We have some great covid-reduced rates currently available on Katrina’s accommodation listing here.

I urge you to move promptly to secure accommodation. The deeply discounted special rates for this event will not be held indefinitely.  Other travel groups are now making inquiries, and the properties will understandably consider releasing the blocks they are holding for us. If your plans change there should be no cost.


Les Crane

Event Organiser