5o5 Worlds 2021 Cancelled


Bermuda July 28

Michael Quirk, President of the International 5o5 Class Association, announces that the 2021 World Championships scheduled to be held in Bermuda at the end of October, has been cancelled.

Concern over travel issues that competitors may have due to Covid 19 quarantines and the impact of the pandemic on shipping costs led to the decision. While Bermuda is faring well with only a small number of active cases, no hospitalizations and over 75% of the adult population fully vaccinated, competitors from the Antipodes cannot readily travel and return to their homes. Restrictions and quarantine problems between European countries and concern over potential quarantine requirements from contact tracing led to the view that cancellation was prudent.

The Association thanks the Bermuda Tourism Authority, Goslings Rum, the City of Hamilton and the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club for all their efforts in attempting to host 5o5 sailors from around the world.  

The Class looks forward to holding its 2022 World Championships in Cork Ireland August 3 – 13th 2022 .