2022  5O5 World Championships, Cork, Ireland.

 Runners & Riders” : “Horses for Courses

by  5O5 Psychic:-  “Pip” Pearson

After a 2 year hiatus (thanks to Covid-19) the 2022 5O5 Worlds to be hosted in  Cork, Ireland is now upon us.

This raises the usual conjecture and “whispers behind cupped hands” in the Boat Park, “Who’s gonna win?”

The “challenge” of identifying the winner from the “Form Guide” has again been placed in my hands.

After an absence of competitive International racing for 2 years that question of:-

“Who is the most likely winner” is the most obscure task I’ve had to consider during the Covid-19 period.

There is no recent “Form Guide” that I can refer to, so in order to take a scientific approach to the task, I’ve drawn up a spread sheet based on the results of the 3 x Euro Cup results, the U.K. Nationals, the North Americans & the recent French Nationals

I’ve then overlaid this onto the Entry List.

A study of the 76 boat Entry List – as at today’s date of 21st July 2022 – reveals the fleet is “saturated” with a wide range of previous