Action and Follow-up notes from the 2022 AGM in Cork.



There was discussion in the AGM on a number of important topics that didn’t really conclude with any specific outcome or result. (Refer to minutes HERE). This was due primarily to the complexity of allowing everyone to contribute AND trying to find a solution in the short time frame we have at AGMs. In the interests of ensuring these matters are followed through they are summarised here along with next steps or further action.


There have been a number of ‘inserts’ used regularly inside centreboard cases which may technically be illegal. The 5o5 International Rules Committee (IRC) provided a ruling on this matter to apply for the World Championships in Cork. The Class now needs to decide if we want to leave in place the current Rule (Rule 5.6.1) dealing with centreboard inserts along with the recent IRC ruling (HERE) OR make changes to the wording of the rule. This would likely require a Rule Change and may be a time consuming process.

During the AGM there was no definite majority held view and it was agreed to continue discussions. The AGM did not propose a rule change at this stage. So the situation that applied in Cork is effectively the CURRENT RULE INTERPRETATION and will apply until there is a formal Rule Change. A proposal for a Rule Change can come from two national Associations or attendees at next year’s AGM can vote to propose a Rule Change. In either case the Rule Change would have to be voted on by the membership as per the Constitution.

The Situation as its stands will stay in place until there is a proposal and subsequent majority vote to change the Rule. In summary the current rule interpretation that applies means:

Nothing is allowed in the centreboard case except:

  1. The centreboard
  2. A gybe stopper
  3. A lifting pin
  4. Any packing that displaces water is SPECIFICALLY NOT PERMITTED.
  5. Velcro can be used on centreboard gaskets to keep them closed so long as the centreboard can always be raised into the case.


There was a proposal from the Swedish Association (HERE) presented to the AGM. In brief, the suggestion and the discussion at the AGM was around what, if any devices should be allowed in racing?

The Rule currently says:

11.1 Devices which indicate remotely or transmit or correlate data about wind direction, wind speed, boat speed or location shall be prohibited.

Since the World Championship in Annapolis, the NOR and SIs have allowed (even encouraged) competitors to carry a VHF Radio.

Standard Class Sailing Instructions typically state “Except in an emergency, from the preparatory signal a boat that is racing shall not make voice or data transmissions and shall not receive voice or data communication that is not available to all boats except when using equipment provided by the OA.”

THE AGM in Cork did not propose a Rule change. A proposal for a Rule change can come from two National Associations or attendees at next year’s AGM can vote to propose a rule change. In either case the Rule Change would have to be voted on by the membership as per the Constitution. If there is no proposal for a Rule Change (which is time consuming), this issue will continue to be dealt with in the NOR and SIs of international events. National Associations are encouraged to also include similar wording in NORs and Sis for National events.

The situation as its stands. In the absence of a formal Rule change, the use of VHF radios will be allowed via the NOR and SIs as is the case currently.

The use of GPS watches can also be dealt with in the SIs and NOR in future International events. This means it can be changed easily if necessary. In the meantime further debate on the issue is encouraged and hopefully a wording to include in future SIs agreed at the next AGM. In the meantime GPS devices that allow the crew to monitor their speed while they are racing are specifically forbidden.


A proposal was tabled and debated on the banning of support boats at World Championships. There was no clear majority view one way or the other but there did seem to be strong support for some requirements and or limitations on support boats when they are used.

This issue will also be dealt with via the NOR for World Championships. A small working group of volunteers is to ‘meet’ via whats app to hopefully agree on what limitations on or requirements made of support boats if they are used. Please send me a whatsapp message on +61419970934 if you would like to be included in that working group.


The S