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An interview with Andrew Cawley about the 2019 505 World Championships

2019-09-07T20:53:28+10:002019 World Championship, Australia|

British designer John Westell originally designed the 18-foot “Coronet” as a contender for a berth as a two-person performance dinghy in the Olympic Games, but the deign lost out during the International Yacht Racing Union’s 1953 selection trials to the [...]

Interview with Holger Jess with his thoughts on Freo Worlds

2019-03-10T18:31:38+11:002019 World Championship|

Translated from the German 505 website Holger, how did you prepare for the World Cup?  eat, eat, eat .... everything that goes in (go in)! But I can not do more than 92/93. Unfortunately. Stress makes you thinner. You sail with old master [...]