2022 World Championship

505 Worlds Cork Ireland 2022, interview with top placed German team – in German

2022-08-13T18:38:39+10:002022 World Championship|

We chat to Jan-Philipp Hofmann and Felix Brockerhoff the top placed German team at the Worlds. The interview is in German. We used Lena Stückl, (Felix's partner and the top placed female sailor) to conduct the interview.   https://youtu.be/WmDU-vhGx8M

Race update, 505 Worlds Cork Ireland – the final day.

2022-08-16T00:49:52+10:002022 World Championship|

Finally, after all the frustration the 505 Worlds finish in brochure conditions... The final day again dawned with no wind and again the wind filled in from the NE out to sea. Today the conditions were even better than yesterday [...]

Race Update Day 3, 505 Worlds Cork Ireland 2022 – Still no wind.

2022-08-10T20:32:36+10:002022 World Championship|

Day 3 completed, and we still have only one race in the bag.... Ireland has a large ridge of no wind sitting stationary above it and it is wreaking havoc on the 505 fleet. For the second day in a [...]

505 Worlds Cork Ireland 2022, boat park chat AJ Conrads and Blaine Pedlow USA 9208

2022-08-09T12:16:47+10:002022 World Championship|

We chat to AJ and Blaine about sailing the 505, developing sailing skills and their passion for the sport. The Warrior in the title refers to the fact they are both Golden State Warriors fans, (an NBA team). https://youtu.be/vFg1N4dxn4M