World Championships

2023 World Championship San Francisco, USA

2023-01-10T17:48:21+11:002023 World Championship, World Championships|

The 2023 5o5 World Championship has been moved to San Francisco. 23rd September 2023 to 1st October 2023. EVENT SCHEDULE Pre-Worlds Registration- Sept 21-22 pre-worlds (NA’s) Sept 23-24 Worlds Registration – Sept 25 / Opening Ceremony that night Racing [...]

Proposal to Host 2024 World Championship. Varberg, Sweden

2022-07-24T16:22:38+10:00World Championships|

As the Cork World Championship and the Class AGM approach the Swedish 5O5 Association have  proposed Varberg, Sweden as a potential venue for the 2024 World Championship. Click HERE to see or download the Varberg Proposal which will be presented [...]

International 5O5 World Championships for 2021 Cancelled

2021-07-29T09:37:03+10:002021 World Championship, World Championships|

5o5 Worlds 2021 Cancelled   Bermuda July 28 Michael Quirk, President of the International 5o5 Class Association, announces that the 2021 World Championships scheduled to be held in Bermuda at the end of October, has been cancelled. Concern over travel [...]


2021-06-18T09:00:06+10:002021 World Championship|

EVENT SITE With only 4 new cases (3 imported) so far this month, the Bermuda Government last night announced the removal of most of the remaining domestic covid restrictions. While quarantine requirements on the non-vaccinated will remain strict, vaccinated [...]