The following is the advice received from Irish Customs with regard to temporary important of boats from the UK for the 505 Worlds by ferry on trailers(i.e. not being sailed in).


An oral declaration will be required accompanied by an inventory to support the oral declaration.  Please see following web information regarding personal-effects-and-goods-for-sports-purposes.


Note the following:

You should complete the oral customs declaration inventory form in duplicate. You must provide details of your flight, or sailing, into and out of Ireland. The goods and your forms should be presented to Revenue at import. The Revenue official will:

  • stamp and sign both copies of this form
  • insert the date of re-exportation and
  • return one copy to you or your agent.

If the goods you import, either accompanied or unaccompanied are of a high value, you may have to:

  • pay the Import Duty on deposit or
  • provide other appropriate security.

You can pay import duty on deposit when using an oral customs declaration inventory form.


Procedure at re-export:

When re-exporting the goods, you must present them to Revenue with your copy of the oral customs declaration inventory form.

You must re-export the goods before the period for temporary admission expires. You must allow time for Revenue to examine the goods. A copy of your oral declaration inventory form will be retained by Revenue. Arrangements will be made to refund the deposit, or release the security, if required.


Copy of inventory to be completed for each of the sailing boats- inventory-support-oral-customs-declaration


Prior to boarding the ferry to Ireland a copy of the inventory to support the oral declaration and ferry booking details should be sent to [email protected] in order to get a Pre-boarding notification ID number (PBN ID)for the ferry journey –

Details of the return ferry journey can also be included and the PBN unit will give you an ID number for the return journey.



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