Monday, July 23, 2018
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North American Pacific Coast Championships

This past weekend the 5O5 class returned to San Francisco Yacht Club for the 2016 running of the Pacific Coast Championships. Sadly only 14 boats made it to the start line. With only Howie/Andy and Antoine/Xavier coming up from Southern California, Mats/Brent from Seattle and Doug/PVG from Hawaii and Oak Harbor joining 10 Bay Area boats. Forrest Gay and his race team did an exceptional job of getting good races off fast and true on Friday and Saturday and for almost the first time in living memory we were skunked by the breeze on Sunday. Hot conditions with a strong offshore flow fought the sea breeze to a draw in the Central Bay Sunday. However, Friday and Saturday delivered classic moderate Bay conditions, 10 knots gradually building to around 18. With a flood tide making for a very smooth playing surface.

Family Lowry graciously hosted a lovely BBQ and evening at their lovely house overlooking the water on Friday night where we all discussed the good and not so good of the day.

The quality of the racing was some of the closest I have seen over the two days, with mistakes punished quickly and gains hard to come by, every boat had a moment somewhere but when all was said and done Mike and Adam rolled out convincing winners. This was the best performance that I can remember seeing from the rest of the fleet in a long time. Incredibly close racing for the breeze we had.

  1. Mike/Adam. As soon as there was breeze to stretch out this team was unstoppable!
  2. Howie/Mike. Consistently quick and no mistakes enabled an easy 2nd.
  3. Mike/Rob. The Tiger Woods of 5O5 sailing this weekend. Found every bunker. Some with more mud than sand. How did we come 3rd?
  4. Jeff/Stu and Pat for turning up Sunday. Great boat speed and always in the mix. Deserved more.
  5. Adam/Jeff. A race win in race 4 a clear highlight, but good speed all event.
  6. Parker/Reeve. Had the pink boat rolling fast and will probably be thinking “what do we have to do?”
  7. Bruce/Eric. New team showing good pace, especially downwind where they particularly liked the tight reaches.
  8. JB/Tommy. Struggling for speed. Was it the slot gaskets? We will have to wait to find out….
  9. Mats/Brent. Solid speed for another new partnership, will only get better for sailing in the Bay Area.
  10. David/Blaine. Confusing us all the time with the two tone boat, also going quick and deserving better finishes.
  11. Doug/Eb with Paul. Again, another boat consistently in the mix but not getting the finishes that the speed/sailing deserved.
  12. Antoine/Xavier. Yet another new combo that had great speed but a little slow and untried around the turns.
  13. Aaron/Rob. Coulda, shoulda finished the last race and had bragging rights at work today….
  14. Dan/Ashley. Only did the one day, but also going quick, the fleet was fast from top to bottom.

A fantastic weekend of racing, shame about Sunday, but I guess we have to lose a day once every 10 years. Next up Santa Cruz on October 8/9!





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